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Patient Stories

In 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My symptoms (intense itching and a small amount of weight loss) had been going on for about a year until I developed shingles. I was referred to a Dermatologist who requested a CT scan. The CT scan showed some abnormal lymph nodes in my chest and these where investigated by two biopsies. The results confirmed the diagnosis. Before I started my treatment, I underwent egg harvesting at the Women’s Hospital, and then I had chemotherapy (ABVD) followed by radiotherapy to my chest. Since my diagnosis and treatment, my family and friends have supported The Bloom Appeal with fundraising activities. My husband Paul and his work colleagues have undertaken ‘The 10 Peak Challenge’ in The Lake District where they climbed 10 peaks in under 14 hours and a very close friend, also called Paul, competed in the ‘Tough Warrior’ assault course. We are very aware of the excellent work the charity does for patients and health professionals and scientists trying to beat blood cancers.

My name is Robina and I was diagnosed with CLL in December 2011. Since my diagnosis I have been on the ‘watch and wait’ list. This means that I attend clinic every 6 months where my blood is checked, and I have an examination. At the moment I am not having any treatment.

Prior to my diagnosis I had been ill for several years with blood transfusions every 3 months and monthly iron infusions. I had been passed from department to department until I arrived at the haematology department where a bone marrow test revealed the diagnosis.

The Doctor discussed my other health issues and referred me, in partnership with my GP to Liverpool Heart and Chest hospital for major surgery which has given me a whole new lease of life.

My CLL diagnosis was a relief as I now knew I was not just making things up. The support and treatment has been second to none and I feel I owe the team my life. I have met some wonderful people and have made fantastic friends.