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Take a Bow Dean Freeman!

Dean, along side his colleagues at True Potential, Newcastle raised funds for Merseyside Against Blood Cancers: The Bloom Appeal in memory of his dear mum, Carol, who sadly passed away last year.  Members of staff from True Potential organised and took part in a month’s worth of activities to raise funds for our charity and then management at True Potential generously matched what had been raised, bringing the total to a massive £8,744.

We want to say a huge thank you to Dean and all the staff and management at True Potential, Newcastle.  We are delighted to receive such a large donation which will help patients in their greatest time of need and help to fund research and education into causes and cures for blood cancers.

Thank you, Dean and everyone at True Potential!

About Us

We support the care and well-being of patients with blood cancers. We fund and invest in scientific research into treating and curing leukaemias, lymphomas and other blood cancers. Together we make a difference for blood cancer patients in the Merseyside and surrounding areas.

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