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The Charlie Allen Foundation

This heartfelt request is help us to support the Charlie Allen Foundation, a cause that is deeply meaningful to us.

The Charlie Allen Foundation has been established in loving memory of our Charlie who tragically passed away in 2023 after a valiant fight against lymphoma, first at the age of 4 and again, when he unfortunately relapsed, at the age of 21.  The Charlie Allen Foundation has been established to help make a lasting impact on the lives of those affected by this relentless disease.

Lymphomas are the most common cancers affecting teenagers and young adults. They include at least 60 different sub-types requiring very specific treatments. Current treatments have varying degrees of success, and research is vital to understand the disease, improve treatments, and to ensure that the disease never comes back.

The University of Liverpool is recognised as a major centre for lymphoma research. This increasingly requires use of cutting-edge techniques. There is an increasing focus on genetic analysis of patients and their cancer. This requires sophisticated and costly machines such as ‘next-generation gene sequencers’.

The ‘Charlie Allen Foundation’ is seeking help to raise funds for such vital equipment to support, maintain, and advance research to help improve treatments for young patients with lymphomas and indeed other cancers.

We would be extremely grateful for any support you can give, and are grateful for each donation, big or small as it propels us closer to our goal.  If you would like to donate, please follow the link below:

The picture features a visit to the Haematology labs in the Sherrington Building –  (left to right) Frank Donovan (Bloom Trustee), Mark Corfe (Charlie’s uncle), Vikki Allen (Charlie’s mum), Professor Nagesh Kalakonda and Abila Pointing (Bloom Trustee)

About Us

We support the care and well-being of patients with blood cancers. We fund and invest in scientific research into treating and curing leukaemias, lymphomas and other blood cancers. Together we make a difference for blood cancer patients in the Merseyside and surrounding areas.

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